We stand together in the notion that safe, ethical standards of care are a universal right. Fair Care Promise providers deliver services free from unfair, unethical practices such as patient brokering or human trafficking. We stand together that insurance coverage, and parity under the law, is non-negotiable. The Fair Care Promise is a sacred pledge to a higher calling that sets the standard in behavioral healthcare.


The Fair Care Promise means the provider adheres to an ethical pledge and standards of care including: never brokering a client or selling a referral. From this starting spot, we have crafted a group of regional help-providers for whom personal and organizational ethics are a shared imperative.

Fair Care Promise providers have promised to abide by this code of ethics, and while not a licensing, accrediting, certifying, or policing body, their signature marks their commitment to this standard. A complaint process is in place in the event consumers find providers have not kept to the standard.


In the midst of an opiate epidemic and eating disorder pandemic, the need for quality help is staggering. The industry often puts profit before people, and those seeking help are lost in a confusing mix.

Nationwide, most who need substance use, mental health or eating disorder support and services will never get meaningful help. Those who do connect to help are often taken advantage of by a system only interested in profit and loss line-items above client-centered care.

While more than 30% of all treatment placements today are the result of some form of human trafficking, we take the Fair Care Promise as a sacred commitment to a higher calling. Fair Care Promise providers never patient broker, and are not involved in selling beds or referrals, ever. Fair Care Promise providers are keen to help not only the identified loved one, but the whole family system. All Fair Care Promise providers have agreed to abide by FCP standards and the findings of our Ethical Complaint Board’s findings when complaints are lodged for violations of FCP standards.

Fair Care Promise providers further agree to never discriminate against current or prospective clients on the basis of race, color, gender, gender identity, religion, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, or any other morally or legally protected characteristics.

We commit to the principle of equal opportunity, in all forms.


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A recent 20/20 investigation looked into the trouble at one regional treatment provider (http://abc.go.com/shows/2020/episode-guide/2016-06/17-061716-rehab-mogul).

While this is a big headline case, there are other key ways providers must avoid exploiting a dual relationship with clients and their families.

Potentially exploitive dual relationships include, but are not limited to sexual or romantic relationships, development of personal friendships, expectations of gifts, monetary gain, and/or favors from clients.

All Fair Care Promise providers have signed a pledge to refrain from selling referrals, participating in human trafficking of any kind and refrain from patient brokering. This threshold is a clear line in the ethical stand on how a patient and family is treated.

To participate in the program providers must fill out, sign and submit the Fair Care Promise Provider Application found on this website.

Spend some time familiarizing yourself with the FCP Code of Ethics. Doing so will give you an understanding of what the promise relates to - and what it does not.

You may contact Change Inc.’s ethics department by using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

We often hear “GO WITH YOUR GUT” when it comes to how we are being treated by others. At the same time, in dealing with the cunning nature often exhibited by those struggling with a behavioral health need, the “gut check” is often wrong. We suggest you seek counsel from a trusted friend, and then proceed based on more information from those you trust.

When making a complaint, focus on facts, not fiction (or the unknown) and provide any related documents you have that substantiate your concerns. Be specific. Details matter when giving information to the Ethics Complaint Review Board. Include dates, times, names, places, and details that answer how issues or situations were identified.

Complaints may not be anonymous and must contain the name and contact information of the one filing the complaint. Verbal complaints are not accepted at any time.

To file an ethics complaint please download the Fair Care Promise Ethics Complaint Form here, fill out the form and send it to: FCP Ethical Complaint Form, 27 W. 20th ST #405, New York, NY 10011. You can also fax it to (888) 696-1040.

The Ethics Board will reject all verbal or anonymous complaints.

Anyone may file an ethics complaint. Typically, complaints are submitted by clients, former clients, co-workers, and treatment facilities. The person filing the complaint should have firsthand knowledge of the incident or allegations. Only individuals and organizations who are Fair Care Promise providers are covered by the FCP Code of Ethics. If you are considering filing a complaint, you are encouraged to use the complaint form provided in this website.

Fair Care Promise providers agree to the terms and conditions of this relationship; and Change, Inc. does not forward complaints to state or federal agencies except where gross negligence is determined to have occurred.

There are a number of fears and possible consequences related to reporting a violation. However, there are an equal number of positive outcomes as well.

CONS: Relationships are damaged.

PROS: Consumers are protected.

In every case we review the information and allegations. The Ethics Board may then review the information and determine next steps to proceed with an investigation. All information is handled delicately and with respect to the person submitting the complaint.

You may contact Change Inc. and make such a request. However, this request may be denied if the complaint is of a significant nature. The Ethics Board is obligated to pursue an investigation to protect consumers.

When an ethics complaint is submitted in writing to FCP's Ethics Board, the Chief Operating Officer determines if there appears to be a violation of one or more of the rules within the Promise’s Code of Ethical Conduct. If there seems to be, he/she will begin the investigation process and submit the complaint to the Ethics Board.

Once the investigation process is completed, findings will be thoroughly reviewed by members of the FCP Ethics Board. The members of this committee will either agree with the findings and determine any disciplinary action, request additional facts surrounding the complaint, move to hold an ethics hearing, or dismiss the complaint for lack of substantial findings.

The final decision rests with the Ethics Board members. If you have more questions, please email us using the contact form below.

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